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Senior Counselor at Camp Qwanoes


Vancouver Island


Job Type:

camp counselor

Length of 

10 weeks


CAN$1900 plus room&board


Job Description

Responsible for counseling one cabin of 8 to 9 campers per week for 7 to
8 weeks, and (usually) mentoring a junior counselor. Includes serving for
one or two weeks on the All-Star United team, Activity Support, or
Operations Support Crew.


Essential camp counseling skills at Qwanoes include knowing the
following: how to build relationships, how to care for your campers, how
to lead small group discussions and devotions, how to lead someone to
faith in Christ, and how to inspire your campers to grow in Christ.

Company/Organization Information

Qwanoes is a youth-focused high adventure Christian residential camp
that exists to love kids to life like no other. Founded in 1966, Qwanoes
is an ideal place for fun-filled, life-changing experiences. Situated on 55
acres of magnificient scenic waterfront property on Vancouver Island
between Victoria and Nanaimo, Qwanoes is a fully accredited member of
the BC Camping Association and Christian Camping International-Canada.
As a Christian camp, we take principles of the Bible and make them
relevant to everyday life. From over 75 activities to quality staff, we are
committed to providing the best experience to our guests...and we would
love to welcome you here!

How to Apply

Apply online: