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Summer Camp Counselor at The Center for Courageous Kids


The Center for Courageous Kids


Job Type:

camp counselor

Length of 

May 23, 2015 - July 12, 2015


USD $230 per week plus room and board


Job Description

Job Description
Center for Courageous Kids
Scottsville, KY

Job Title: Den Counselor
Department: Camp Programming
Reports to: Lodge Leader, Residential Life
Coordinator, Program Director, General Manager
Revision Date: February 2014

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. To live in the lodge with campers serving as
a leader, supervisor and role model.
2. To guide campers through the weekly
schedule, assisting them in an experience that is
safe, uplifting and empowering.
3. To partake in planning, executing, and
evaluating of activities designed to fulfill the
goals and mission statements of camp in order to
create a “just right” experience.
4. To facilitate positive and appropriate
interactions between campers to encourage group
5. To treat all campers in a manner that shows
respect to their dignity and individuality.
6. To clearly develop goals and expectations
with campers and review with them on a regular
7. To help each camper to meet the goals
established by camp as presented in the camp manual.
8. To supervise and assist campers in all
aspects of daily camp life.
9. To assist campers in cabin clean up, hygiene
routines, evening routines, and prompt attendance to
all camp functions.
10. To help organize, lead and take part in all
lodge activities including but not limited to rainy
day activities, stage night performances, free time
fillers, meals, all camp activities, closing
activities and recognition.
11. To actively participate in the thematic
design of lodge and camp programming, including but
not limited to planning, committee enrollment,
decorating, and facilitating
12. To actively plan, create, and participate in
thematic decorations and activities as a member of
weekly committees
13. To provide assistance in handling all camper
related issues, including but not limited to
homesickness, discipline, disclosure and medical
14. To complete an end of session evaluation of
each camper in assigned den to be turned into Lodge
15. To attend to personal care needs of campers,
including some changing, showering and transferring
as needed.
16. To instruct campers in emergency procedures
such as fire and severe weather drills.
17. To assist campers and co-counselors to
maintain a clean and neat environment in both
program and living areas
18. To do a thorough clean up of lodges at the
end of each session and at the end of the season
before leaving camp.
19. To report any staff or camper behavior that
poses a potentially negative impact on the well
being of other campers, staff or the camp community.
20. To adhere to and implement the policies and
procedures of The Center for Courageous Kids.
21. To fully participate in all aspects of camp
including but not limited to staff training,
volunteer orientation, and staff meetings.
22. To develop and maintain a professional and
critical understanding of medical and camper
profiles of each camper in assigned den, including
completion of profiles each session
23. To perform any duties deemed necessary by
the General Manager.

Physical Elements
1. Lifting and carrying 50 pounds or heavier
2. Frequent bending and reaching
3. Providing direct care for clientele as
needed. Including, but not limited to assistance
with toileting, showering, eating, positioning in
wheelchairs and beds, etc.
4. Assisting staff in transferring campers
weighing as much as 250 pounds
5. Navigating various terrains on camp such as
concrete, grass fields and dirt trails.
6. Working outdoors for several continuous
7. Standing and walking for long periods of

Equipment Used
1. Golf carts
2. Hoyer lifts and other adaptive devices
including but not limited to power wheelchairs
3. Canoes and Paddle Boats
4. Horses

Working Conditions
1. Working in outdoor and indoor environments
2. Some noisy conditions
3. Cold and warm weather environments
4. Inclement weather
5. Will share a living accommodation with as
many as five people


1. Must be at least 19 years of age or 18 years
old with a year of college.
2. Must be able to gauge and recognize camper
behavior that may be harmful to camper or others and
utilize appropriate behavior techniques as needed.
3. Must be able to recognize potential safety
hazards and enforce appropriate safety regulations
and emergency procedures.
4. Must be able to physically and mentally lead
and assist in the care of eight campers during the
entire session, navigating the camp schedule and any
required adjustments.
5. Must be able to accept supervision and
6. Must be able to function in a team
7. Must have visual and auditory ability to
identify and respond to environmental and other
health hazards related to residential life.

Company/Organization Information

The Center for Courageous Kids (CCK) is a medical
based camping facility that serves children with
chronic and life-threatening illnesses. The majority
of these children are unable to attend traditional
camps due to the severity of their illnesses. CCK
provides a safe, empowering, exciting, and medically
sound camping experience to children at no cost to
the camper or family. Campers live in gender-
specific lodges with counselors who are specially
trained to care for their personal and medical
needs. Additionally, CCK has an on-site, state of
the art medical center staffed with a full medical
team. Activities include Arts and Crafts, Cooking,
Woodshop, Music, Sports, Climbing Wall, Boating,
Fishing, Swimming, Archery, Theater, Equestrian and
much much more!

How to Apply

Staff Info

For the summer, The Center for Courageous Kids hires
60 staff members. Employment is contingent on two
references, a background check, and an interview
process. Summer staff are required to work from mid-
May to early August. Applicants must be at least 19
years old or 18 years old with one year of college.

Summer Paid Positions

Den Counselor: As a den counselor you are assigned
to 8 campers each week. This position requires the
counselor to be actively involved in the
supervision, guidance, and motivation of campers
while maintaining a high standard of care.
Program Counselor: Program counselors are
responsible for preparing, supervising, and
facilitating one of thirteen program areas we
provide on camp. For a full list of program areas,
please refer to the application.
Information to Consider Before You Apply

The Application Process:

December to April: employment applications accepted
January until all positions are filled: interviews
March until all positions are filled: employment
offers extended
Please follow the steps below to ensure your
application is complete:

Step One: Submit the electronic Summer Application
Step Two: Your listed references will be emailed a
link to complete our reference form. Applicants will
not be considered for employment until all reference
forms are completed and submitted to The Center for
Courageous Kids. (A reference can be completed by a
former employer, supervisor, teacher, or family
friend; however, it CANNOT be filled out by a family
*After you have submitted your application
electronically, you may fax or mail your non-
electronic submissions to:

Attn: Staff Recruiting Coordinator
1501 Burnley Rd.
Scottsville, KY 42164
Fax: (270) 618-2901

Step Three: All employees are required by law to
complete a Consumer Report (Background Check) Form.
After the interview process, if you are contacted by
a member of The Center for Courageous Kids staff to
extend a summer employment offer, this document must
be completed, digitally signed, and returned by
email to The Center for Courageous Kids to complete
the hiring process.
If you have any further questions regarding the
status of your application, please contact Alvin
Farmer, Staff Recruiting Coordinator via phone at
(270) 618-2900 or via email at
[email protected]