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What is Allen's Guide?

Why join Allen's Guide?

Which programs are eligible to join Allen's Guide?

What administration features are available?

Can I see a demo?

How much does it cost to join Allen's Guide?

What are the listing specifications?

How are programs ordered within a category?

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What is Allen's Guide

Allen's Guide is a directory of kids and teen summer camps and travel programs. Allen's Guide does not operate any summer programs ourself.

Why Join Allen's Guide

There are three main reasons to join Allen's Guide: 1) traffic (site visitors); 2) quality traffic; and, 3) guaranteed traffic.

Traffic: Allen's Guide works with Internet specialists to ensure our Web site receives a large number of visitors. We are in all of the major directories (Yahoo, MSN, Netscape, AOL, etc.), use targeted performance based search engines (Overture, Google, FindWhat), and partner with a number of related websites.

Quality Traffic: Allen's Guide provides each program with an extensive listing page that lists important features as well as photos and a detailed description in the program's own words. Unlike searchers at general sites such as Google or Yahoo, Allen's Guide visitors have detailed information about your program before deciding to click to your website.

Which programs are eligible to join Allen's Guide

Allen's Guide only lists quality residential and travel programs. Programs that are exclusively for day campers may list on our partner site Allen's Guide maintains the right to refuse to list any program in our directory. Allen's Guide will not accept listings for any hate groups or organizations that discriminate on the basis of race or religion. Single religion programs are both invited and acceptable as long as they are categorized as such.

What administration features are available

With Allen's Guide you can update the listings of your programs over the Internet any time you want. Allen's Guide also provides online statistics reporting the number of times visitors view each program listing page and click thru to your site. Additional advanced features are always under development and will be automatically added as they become available.

With Allen's Guide you have the option to be as hand-on as you like. We can use material off your web site to generate the listing page, or you can do it all yourself with our online tools.

Can I see a demo

Here's a link to our demo listing showing all of our advanced features. You can see a demo of the guide just by visiting it at If you would to see a demo of the administrative features, contact us for a sample username and password.

How much does it cost to join Allen's Guide

Allen's Guide provides all participating programs with a listing page. Pricing is based on the type of organization offering the program. If your organization offers more than one type of program, you can have additional listing pages at a reduced rate.

listing Page
Regular $350 Basic membership level.

Additional Listing Pages If you operate more than 1 type of program (e.g. Computers and Acting), you can purchase additional listing pages for $275/year.

Additional Areas - Residential Programs Listing pages can automatically be listed in upto three US States and Canadian Provinces. If your program operates in more locations, they can be each added for $25/year.

Additional Categories Listing pages can be listed in upto two Categories. If your program offers more than two types of activities, each additional category can be added for $25/year.

Travel Programs Travel programs are classified as either Cultural Travel (i.e. hotel and suitcase type trips) or Adventure Travel (i.e. sleeping bag and backpack type trips). If your organization operates both adventure and cultural travel programs, you need to purchase separate listing pages. Each travel program is categorized into one major region -- United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia / New Zealand, Caribbean, Africa. If your organization has trips to multiple regions, you need to purchase a listing page for each.

What are the listing specifications

Allen's Guide listings contain basic information (program name, participant ages, etc.), detailed description (50-400 words), upto 12 photos, and more. We have prepared a Microsoft Word Document tohelp gather listing materials.

Allen's Guide will provide basic image manipulation (cropping, resizing, etc.) to ensure that the materials work will with our systems.

Each listing page can be listed in upto two different categories (e.g. Film Camps and Acting Camps). While program managers can suggest categories, final choice is made by Allen's Guide editors. In addition, we reserve the right to re-arrange categories. If your organization offers more than two different types of programs (e.g. Computer Camps, Acting Camps, and Photography Camps), you can mention them all on a single profile page, but it can be only linked into the directory for two categories. If want to be listed in more categories, you need to purchase additonal profile pages.

Profile pages can automatically be listed in upto three US States and Canadian Provinces. If your program operates in more locations, they can be each added at additional cost.

How are programs ordered within a category

Because Allen's Guide is so easy to use, we have found that all programs within a category receive great exposure.

Still there needs to be some ordering. Allen's Guide uses a ranking algorithm that balances the needs of our listed programs with those of our site visitors. The formula takes into account multiple factors but primarily looks at paid-in amount and percentage of visitors who click through to a website from a profile page.

Allen's Guide re-runs the ranking algorithm on an approximate once a month schedule.

How else can Allen's Guide help promote my program

Summer Job Board All companies and organizations that hire summer seasonal workers or recruit volunteers may post to our summer job board free-of-charge. There is no requirement to have a program listed in Allen's Guide.

Category Sponsorships Programs can gain additional exposure by sponsoring a directory category. Sponsorships can be for either activity categories (e.g. Film Camps, Academic Camps), or by location (e.g. Canada, Delaware).

Premier Sponsorships Programs that operate on a large scale with many locations throughout the country can benefit from a Premier Sponsorship. For a single price, Allen's Guide provides relevant exposure throughout the directory. Large programs can contact us for more details.

How do I get more information?

You can email us at [email protected] or call our Programs Director toll-free at (877) 777-7738.

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