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What is Allen's Guide?

How do I get my hostel listed in Allen's Guide?

How come my hostel is not listed on its city page?

Can I change the description of my hostel on its city page?

What are Sponsored Hostels?

How do I get more out of Allen's Guide?

Other Opportunities?

What is Allen's Guide

Allen's Guide is a directory of premium Summer Camps for kids and teens and travel programs for all ages. Allen's Guide seeks out unusual and interesting programs from around the world. We bring our visitors a collection of programs unlike any other guide in print or on the Internet.

As part of our efforts, Allen's Guide has rapidly become one of the Internet's premier sites for hostel information and reservations.

How do I get my hostel listed in Allen's Guide

Our backend reservation system is part of (also known as HostelWorld). You must sign-up for their system in order to let Allen's Guide visitors reserve accomodations at your hostel.

Bookhostels charges people reserving accomodations a 10% deposit plus a USD 2.00 booking fee. The visitor then pays the hostel the remaining 90% on check-in.

Many smaller hostels resent Bookhostels keeping the 10% as their fee, but we feel they are providing an excellent value. For 10% Bookhostels provides marketing, first-line customer support, software development, and other services. As a comparison, hotel booking systems routinely charge participating hotels 12-15% for far less service.

For more information or to sign-up your hostel, visit
Bookhostels directly.

How come my hostel is not listed on its city page

Allen's Guide creates detail pages for popular cities (e.g., London, Dublin, New York).If your hostel has signed up with Bookhostels, and is located in one of the cities with an Allen's Guide city page, and we do not have a short description for it, the answer is we haven't gotten around to it yet. Send us an email with your Bookhostels hostel number, and we'll add it for you.

Can I change the description of my hostel on its city page

You are welcome to request changes to your hostel's description. Please do not become abusive and do this frequently. We try to keep all descriptions factual and free of marketing-speak (no exclamation points, subjective adjectives, etc.). We are particularly interested in receiving more location information such as city neighborhood, proximity to major landmarks and transportation routes.

What are Sponsored Hostels

On city pages, Allen's Guide places a maximum of three hostels above the alphabetical listings. The text is supplied by the participating hostels.

Listings cannot contain telephone numbers, website or email addresses, or any other direct contact information. Listings cannot specifically mention competitors, contain vulgar, racist, or other hate language.

Allen's Guide reserves the right to not display any listing for any reason.

Hostel manager wishing to participate in this program can check pricing and availability for their city


How do I get more out of Allen's Guide

In addition to our hostel booking, we also operate a very active summer jobs board. If you hire or provide room and board for extra help during the summer season, you are welcome to post openings for free on our jobs board. See our Jobs FAQ for more details.

Other Opportunities

If you have other business opportunities you'd like to discuss with us, send us an email. We're always open to new suggestions.