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Practically every day families ask Allen's Guide for help in choosing a summer camp. Allen's Guide, though, does not accredit, endorse, or recommend any specific summer camp. Camps are listed in Allen's Guide as paid advertisements.

As experts in the summer camps industry, Allen's Guide can offer general advice on selecting a summer camp. First and foremost, don't panic. Newspapers and magazines urged on by a group of self-interested camp referral agents have pushed the notion that selecting a summer camp is somehow a difficult task. Every year there are news stories proclaiming how hard it is to find a summer camp, how parents are starting their search earlier and earlier, how you need to do hours and hours of research on each camp.

These notions are a bunch of hogwash

The newspapers and magazines like this angle on the story because it is dramatic - it has an edge. For the stories they interview one or another representative of a camp referral agency. Camp referral agents love to tell you how difficult it is to select a summer camp because then they can step in and offer you free advice.

What's most important to remember is

It is easy to find a really, really, good summer camp. It is impossible to find "the perfect" summer camp.

So, where to begin. Browse around Allen's Guide. Find programs that look interesting. Contact the directors. Ask lots of questions. Look at the process as a fun family activity and not as a chore.

Our partner site, has a number of helpful articles including
If you still need help in selecting a summer camp. Do an Internet search for a "camp referral agent." You should be aware, though, their free summer camp advice is not free to the camps. Camps pay these agents a commission for every camper they help recruit, so you need to make sure they are serving your needs and not just pushing their member camps.

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